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Using technology to power ecosystems
Our platforms power everything from a town's small business community to entire industry segments

Technology to Power Ecosystems

Behind every ecosystem are people & organizations working tirelessly to understand, showcase, and engage their ecosystems. Digitizing ecosystems through online platforms is a great way to do this at scale

Up until now, creating online platforms for ecosystems has been an expensive, time consuming, and frustrating process. EcoMap spent 3 years building a powerful platform & data curation engine to simplify the process, so that ecosystem builders can focus on what they do best: building their ecosystems.

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Why EcoMap

How the EcoMap Process Works

We Understand Your Ecosystem Building Goals

We'll sit down with you to understand your ecosystem building goals, and recommend the data and platform features that will best help you achieve them: we have 7 different types of data and over 25 features to choose from

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We Curate Detailed Information About Your Ecosystem

We'll curate highly detailed information about the assets in your ecosystem - from organizations to people to jobs and beyond - based on what you're interested in. This data enables the filterable directories on all EcoMap platforms

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We Configure a Platform to Match your Brand & Needs

We'll configure an EcoMap to match your brand and chosen features, then import your data - which is kept continually up to date. In just a few weeks, your platform is ready to be the digital home for your ecosystem

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How it Works

Bringing EcoMap to Your Community

Wondering what it would look like to bring an EcoMap to your community? Here's the process.
Tell Us Your Needs

Meet with us to share a bit more about what you want EcoMap to do for your community. From the features you want to the data we collect, your platform is customized from the start to match the needs of your community or organization

We Design a Platform

Our Platform team will get to work on building out the features of your platform, and our Design team will work alongside you to make a platform that reflects the personality of your community or brand

We Gather the Data

Our Data team will focus on gathering the specific information that will populate your platform. We specialize in Resources & Support Orgs for entrepreneurs, but we can collect info about businesses, nonprofits, & more

You're Good to Go!

Now - sit back and relax! EcoMap is full service, meaning that you do not need to allocate a ton of time to us. We'll do all the work of getting your platform ready, and then when it's time to launch, we'll work together to make sure it's a success

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Wondering if EcoMap is a fit? Use our Price Calculator to Find Out.

If you want to explore EcoMap for your community, schedule a demo with our team so we can learn about your needs. Afterwards, you can access our Pricing Generator so you can see exactly what it will cost to implement your custom platform

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How We Do It

Using Tech to Make Ecosystems Accessible

EcoMap uses an array of advanced technologies -- from our highly-customizable platform core to our AI-enabled data algorithms -- to bring down the cost of making dynamic, robust, and customized ecosystem hubs

This lets us keep our products affordable for ecosystem builders, and free for end users. It's a win-win-win

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Our Mission

Make Ecosystems Equitable & Accessible

As our online world gets bigger, ecosystems are becoming the center of how we engage with the world around us. We may not know it, but we interact with ecosystems everyday - you find funding within your city's business ecosystem, a mentor within your corporation's ecosystem, or a graphic designer to build a logo in your state's art ecosystem.

Until recently, these ecosystems have been invisible. Vital information - who is building what, who is partnering together, who is working on which initiatives - has been impossible to navigate. If ecosystems are invisible, they are inaccessible; if they are inaccessible, they are inequitable; and if they are inequitable - we all suffer.

At EcoMap, we're on a mission to build more equitable & accessible ecosystems through technology.
By digitizing ecosystems, we make is possible for everyone to explore them and leverage them to their full potential. We developed powerful technology that lets us digitize them at scale, so that any ecosystem building organization can use our products to understand, showcase, and engage their ecosystems.

Our Values

1. Free for Users, Affordable for Communities

We designed EcoMaps to be free-to-access for entrepreneurs, and we commit to keeping our platforms affordable to implement for all communities

2. Build more Accessible and Equitable Ecosystems

Our work is about democratizing access to information about local resources so that anyone can find what they need, regardless of their connections or background.

3. Be the Team You Want to See in the World

Entrepreneurs are diverse - they come from all backgrounds, genders, ages, & races - and we believe that our team should reflect that. At EcoMap, we live our own values.
If an EcoMap doesn't sound like any platform you've ever heard of, that's because it's not - we're the only platform built from the ground up to power modern ecosystems
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