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Meet EcoMap

We're EcoMap Technologies

Nice to Meet You, We're The Ecosystem Company

About EcoMap

Building a New Type of Company

We believe that companies should give back to their home ecosystems and create an environment where people want to work.

Meet EcoMap

Building More Accessible Ecosystems

Our platforms power all types of ecosystems, with one goal in mind: make the information all around us more accessiblez

Our Mission

Make Information More Accessible

EcoMap was founded based on a simple premise: it should be easy to access information about what's happening in the ecosystems all around us.

Whether we're dealing with a local business community or an entire industry, we think that everyone should be able to easily navigate every ecosystem, everywhere.

About the EcoMap Platform
Our Company

Building a Better Business

We believe strongly in entrepreneur-led economic growth, where communities grow when businesses thrive in place. We're dedicated to being a meaningful contributor to our home ecosystem, Baltimore, by bringing well-paying jobs, talent, and economic growth to our city.

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Our Team

Diversity is Not a Checkbox

As a female and Black-led company, having a diverse team is not an afterthought - it's the default. Ecosystems come in every shape and size, and so does our team. EcoMap is diverse in background, perspectives, experiences, and interests - and we're better off for it.

Meet Our Team
Our Goal

Every Ecosystem, Accessible to Everyone, Everywhere

As our online world gets bigger, ecosystems are becoming the center of how we engage with the world around us. We may not know it, but we interact with ecosystems everyday - you find funding within your city's business ecosystem, a mentor within your corporation's ecosystem, or a graphic designer to build a logo in your state's art ecosystem.

Until recently, these ecosystems have been invisible. Vital information - who is building what, who is partnering together, who is working on which initiatives - has been impossible to navigate. If ecosystems are invisible, they are inaccessible; if they are inaccessible, they are inequitable; and if they are inequitable - we all suffer.

At EcoMap, we're on a mission to build more equitable & accessible ecosystems through technology.
By digitizing ecosystems, we make is possible for everyone to explore them and leverage them to their full potential. We developed powerful technology that lets us digitize them at scale, so that any ecosystem building organization can use our products to understand, showcase, and engage their ecosystems.
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