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about us

EcoMap leverages AI to aggregate and analyze information about entrepreneurial ecosystems

We use algorithms to gather & analyze data on the resources, ventures, and other entrepreneurial organizations within cities, and how they interact with each other.

This not only lets us create resource portals, like EcoMap Baltimore, but also enables us to answer some pretty big questions about local startup, small business, and nonprofit ecosystems.

Most importantly, EcoMap is a social venture focused on helping entrepreneurs, especially founders from underserved populations, easily find the resources they need to build successful ventures.

special sauce

Algorithms are great at finding, analyzing, and updating large amounts of data.

Humans, not so much.

Here at EcoMap, we love humans. Indeed, one is typing this right now. But if there's one thing that humans are bad at, it's dealing with massive datasets. And when it comes to analyzing entrepreneurial ecosystems, you're talking massive datasets (just ask the ~500,000 small businesses in Maryland).

EcoMap uses algorithms to gather and analyze this data, so our humans can do what they do best: help you make sense of it. Our process ensures that all datasets are up-to-date and as complete as possible, and our (super)human team fills in the gaps.

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Our Products

From resource portals to economic reports, EcoMap can help you make sense of entrepreneurship in your city

We gather data from hundreds of online sources, giving us insights into the startups, small businesses, and nonprofits in your area, the resources and organizations that support entrepreneurs, and the relationships between them.

This helps us build:

Robust, up-to-date resource portals
Databases of all ventures in an ecosystem
Analytics and reports on the health & characteristics of an ecosystem
An API that can feed this data into any website or tool
A special product just for you
Our capabilities

How EcoMap can help depends on who you are. Here's some examples:

You're an economic development group who wants to provide a resource portal for entrepreneurs in your city

You're a Commerce agency who wants to analyze the effectiveness of state funding programs, tax credits, or other investments

You're a philanthropy who wants to know which nonprofits are working on what problems in your city, and which foundations are funding them

You're an entrepreneur who wants to find resources for your venture (You're in luck. Our resource databases will always be free to you.)

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Shoot us an email at info@ecomap.tech and our (super)humans will be in touch