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Looking for funding? How about accelerator programs? Use this tool to find the resources you need to build your startup or small business

Looking for grants to get your nonprofit off the ground? A list of venture capitalists in the region? Micro-financing for your small business? We have you covered. Explore all startup & small Business funding sources in Baltimore

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Accelerators are cohort-based programs that provide startups with education, mentorship, access to resources, and typically funding to help them launch and scale their ventures. Find a program that's perfect for you.

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Incubators help businesses get off the ground at the earliest stages. They typically provide mentorship, workshops, and access to resources to help you hone your business idea and take your first steps towards launch.

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Need a 3-D printer to make a prototype? Looking for a woodworking shop to build some tables? Or maybe you just need a tool bank to find that specific wrench. Look for a Makerspace, which provide the tools and often expertise you need to start building.

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Have you outgrown your home office? Looking for a fresh place to get some work done? Explore local coworking spaces, which rent out everything from individual desks to entire multi-person offices with short-term contracts.

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Starting a business is hard, but having good mentors makes a world of difference. It can be hard to find mentors that meet your needs, but there are many organizations that offer mentorship programs so that you can find the perfect match.

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Looking to get a feel for the innovation ecosystem? Want to meet other entrepreneurs building cool things? Check out the big innovation events going on in Baltimore, and figure out which ones are worth attending on your rare nights off.

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Resources for entrepreneurs can take many forms, including publications, fellowship programs, talent sources, networks & associations, professional services, and more. Explore additional resources for your startup, small business, or nonprofit

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When starting any business, you will have to get a variety of licenses and registrations approved in order to do business in your state. The process can seem overwhelming, but typically there is a clear-cut process for setting up your business.

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