Announcing EcoBot: a Custom Chatbot for Ecosystems

EcoBot is a powerful new product by EcoMap Tech that combines detailed ecosystem data with the ease of a chatbot interface

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Announcing EcoBot: a Custom Chatbot for Ecosystems
If people don't know how to access information about your ecosystem, they wont.

At EcoMap Tech, our mission is to make information about the ecosystems all around us more accessible. Whether we're working with a city tech hub, a statewide small business community, or an entire industry, we aim to make it possible for anyone to understand "who exists" and "what is going on" within that ecosystem.

For two years, we've done with by combining curated, detailed, and pre-populated data about the organizations & resources in these ecosystems with our online EcoMap platforms, which have spread like wildfire across the world.

Today, we're excited to announce a new product that makes it even easier for people to access information about the ecosystems around them - the EcoBot, a custom chatbot that delivers curated insights and resources about a specific ecosystem through an easy-to-use conversational interface.

EcoBot makes it possible for people to easily access information about your ecosystem through a corner chatbot that can live on any website. This allows anyone - regardless of where they are or their technical know-how - to easily access curated information about your entrepreneurial ecosystem, industry, or organizational network.

We decided to offer our powerful ecosystem data through a chatbot for three core reasons: 

  1. It makes information about ecosystems incredibly easy to access for any type of user
  2. It can help users find the right information through a series of conversational prompts
  3. It can live on any website, and the same chatbot can even appear across multiple different websites

EcoBot is made possible by combing two powerful technologies: the detailed ecosystem data that EcoMap is known for curating, and the same conversational technology that powers OpenAI's ChatGPT. While chatbots such as ChatGPT are incredibly powerful, they are not able to accurately provide information about specific ecosystems, due to their lack of training data and prompts. EcoMap solves this problem by training each EcoBot on curated data specific to that ecosystems so that it responds with contextual, correct resources for all users.

Here are some of the features we're most excited about for EcoBot: 

  1. Portable - EcoBot can live on any - and multiple- websites in the ecosystem
  2. Conversational -If the user doesn't provide a specific request, EcoBot will ask them questions in order to get information about exactly what they need
  3. Professional - EcoBot is trained to only respond to requests for applicable information, and politely decline inappropriate or out of scope requests
  4. Configurable - Admins can control what types of data EcoBot can respond with (ranging from organizations to news articles), and they can even exclude specific assets from the response options
  5. Insightful - EcoBot delivers custom insights to admins about who is searching for what, helping them understand the needs of their community

We've already shared EcoBot with select ecosystem partners, and the positive response has been overwhelming. If you want to learn more about EcoBot, you can visit the EcoBot Website or Schedule an EcoBot demo today.

EcoMap Technologies is so excited to offer this new innovation to ecosystems across the world. EcoBot combines our proprietary data curation process with cutting-edge conversational technology to create a product that makes it truly easy for everyone to access information about the ecosystems around them. We couldn't be more honored to bring this powerful technology to our customers & ecosystem leaders across the country.

Pava LaPere

Chief Ecosystem Officer