EcoMap Tech is Hiring for 6 Full Time Roles

Over the next 6 months, we'll be growing our team by adding 6 new full-time roles focused on building capacity in sales, marketing, and customer success.

EcoMap is Expanding (Again!)

EcoMap Technologies recently closed an oversubscribed funding round, bringing in $3.5M to help fuel our growth & keep pace with customer demand - and that means we’re hiring more team members to join our team of 16. Over the next 6 months, we'll be growing our team to about 22 people, focused on building capacity in sales, marketing, and customer success.

Our focus in this next phase of growth is to deliver world class products and support to our customers, build processes and systems that will allow us to continue to scale, and ensure that our technology remains the best-in-class product for ecosystems.

If you are looking for a new role, or know a talented person who is, read on for a description of the roles we will be hiring for, and what we’re looking for in team members. All roles are offer at or above-market salaries with full benefits, and more information can be found about what we offer our team members on our website.

About EcoMap Technologies

EcoMap Technologies creates platforms that help people navigate ecosystems, from local business communities to entire industries and beyond. Ecosystems - networks of organizations, resources, people, and the relationships between them - make up the core of our personal and professional life. Unfortunately, these ecosystems are largely invisible, inaccessible, and inefficient, because data about what is going on in the ecosystem is decentralized and ever-changing. Because of this, it is incredibly hard to answer basic questions like “who is doing what?” or “what is going on?” within any ecosystem. At EcoMap, we use technology to make easy for anyone to navigate any ecosystem, anywhere.

We're a rapidly growing tech company proudly located in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team of 16+ is made up of ecosystem builders, data nerds, and technologists who are passionate about making the information around us more accessible to everyone. In addition to building products that have an impact, we also believe that startups should have a positive impact on the ecosystems around them. We are dedicated to creating fulfilling, well-paying jobs within Baltimore, giving back to our community, and creating products that have true value to our customers and users.

Marketing Roles

Head of Lead Generation Marketing

We're looking for a talented sales marketing leader to devise, create, and execute marketing strategies to support our sales & customer acquisition efforts. We know that Lead Generation & Sales Marketing is a unique skill set - we're looking for a candidate who understands how to move leads along a pipeline with thoughtful, well-crafted materials from first contact to signature. You will execute creative campaigns, promotional events, and thought leadership that will create qualified opportunities for our sales team. The strongest candidates will have experience with a wide range of marketing techniques to promote SaaS products.

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Head of Brand Marketing

We're looking for a Head of Brand Marketing to tell the story of EcoMap and help us build "Ecosystem Platforms" as a new market category. This job is perfect for individuals who are passionate about storytelling, category building, and brand voice. In this role, you'll be responsible for gathering & analyzing insights into different market segments, crafting campaigns & creative assets for distribution across channels, and working alongside our Product Marketing and Lead Gen Marketing teams to ensure a consistent brand image and marketing strategy. The most important skills for this role are strong written and verbal communication skills, an eye for good design, and big ideas for category building and brand promotion.

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Product Marketer (Growth Hacker)

We're looking for an experienced Product Marketer (Growth Hacker) to create automated, sustainable, and scalable marketing strategies for the promotion of each EcoMap platform. Our platforms make it possible for anyone to easily navigate any ecosystem - from small business communities to entire industries. However, we only achieve our goal of making information more accessible (and our customer's goals for growing their ecosystems) if people are able to find the platforms that we create online. We're looking for a talented, tech-savvy team member who can help make that possible.

This job is perfect for someone who loves automation, low-code tools, and has a strong understanding of digital marketing tactics. The job will start out with testing different marketing strategies (including email campaigns, online ads, social posts, and more) manually on select platforms. Once you know what strategies work on individual platforms, the job will turn towards automating these processes, and eventually creating DIY systems that enable our customers to execute select campaigns.

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Sales & Customer Success Roles

Account Executives (2)

We're looking for high-performing Sales Account Executives with experience at Enterprise B2B SaaS companies to join our RevOps team and drive sales of EcoMap platforms across the country. EcoMaps are applicable to a wide variety of customers, including economic developers, local communities, the federal government, corporations, large foundations, and more. We're looking for Sales Team members with experience selling enterprise SaaS products into at least one of those segments. You'll be responsible for prospecting within your target segment, outreaching to targeted customers, moving deals along the pipeline, and most importantly, closing new deals.

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Revenue Operations (RevOps) Associate

We're looking for a Revenue Operations (Business Development) Associate to support our rapidly-growing RevOps department. The RevOps division at EcoMap spans sales and customer success, and works closely alongside our Marketing Division in order to drive expansion of EcoMap through sales and partnerships. The RevOps Associate is a critical role that supports our Sales and business development team by providing lead prospecting support, sales material preparation, and other coordinating activities within the RevOps division. This entry-level role is perfect for a highly-motivated individual looking to gain experience into Sales at a B2B SaaS company.

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Customer Success Associate

The primary objective of this role is to renew current customer contracts and expand the value delivered to them by EcoMap. Customer Success Associate responsibilities include developing strong relationships with customers, connecting with key business executives and driving adoption of our product. They will assist in creating the communication and launch strategy for large enterprise accounts, to ensure appropriate adoption metrics are met and customer satisfaction is at its highest.  This role will also identify new business opportunities among existing customers.

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Always Hiring: Ecosystem & Data Specialists

There are a few roles at EcoMap we’re always hiring for, and our Data Specialists and Ecosystem Experts are two of them. Data Specialists assist us in tagging data that we collect about assets within ecosystems - such as Organizations, Resources, Jobs, and Events - which is used to train our algorithmic technology and ensure a seamless user experience on our platforms. Ideal Data Specialist candidates have experience with data tagging or fidelity, a strong attention to detail, and a preference for mostly independent work.

Ecosystem Experts support our Data Division in identifying and compiling new assets for ecosystems, both in bulk and for specific types of ecosystems. They are responsible for identifying and categorizing the data about Organizations, Resources, etc, which is used to train our algorithmic technology and ensure consistency across our platforms. Ecosystem Experts should be familiar with business ecosystems and the major asset classes within them, a strong attention to detail, and a preference for mostly independent work.

Both of these are entry-level roles who report to Anna Brinley, our Head of Data. Email and cc with your resumé if you are interested.

Always Hiring: Engineers

As a tech company, we're always on the search for additional engineering talent to our DevOps division. We have a diverse tech stack, and prioritize candidates that have experience with a variety of coded and low-code languages, including python, javascript, Bubble, HTML & CSS, and/or React Native. Additionally, we are always interested in speaking with Machine Learning and Natural Language Processing engineers, data scientists, and other individuals with experience in automated data collection and categorization.

Our engineering division is relatively well-rounded, so our hiring is based around the exceptional individuals that we find. If you are passionate about what we do and have any of the aforementioned skills, we would love to chat with you. Engineers currently report to our technical CEO, Pava LaPere, and will eventually report to our CTO (if you have a technical background and are searching for a leadership position, we’d love to talk - CTO is a hire we anticipate making in 12-18 months, but will modify that timeline based on the right fit).

Email and cc with your resumé if you are interested. Learn more here.

Not Seeing a Fit but Think You’d be a Fit? Reach Out.

If you don’t see a position above that matches your skillset and background, but are passionate about what we do at EcoMap, reach out to our Head of People, Eden Rodriguez. The positions above are our most immediate hires, but we are always on the lookout for exceptional individuals for the roles that we will be hiring for soon, or who could be a catalyst for our company. Here are some of the additional roles we anticipate hiring for over the next 6-18 months:

  • Product Manager
  • Chief Technology Officer
  • Implementations Manager

Pava LaPere

Chief Ecosystem Officer