Introducing EcoMap's Newest Leaders

We're so excited to welcome three new members to the EcoMap leadership team - John as Head of Sales, Joyce as Head of Marketing, and Amira as Head of Customer Success

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Introducing EcoMap's Newest Leaders

Introducing EcoMap’s Newest Leaders

One of the best pieces of advice I got as a young CEO is that you must defend the quality of your team at all costs. You have to learn how to recruit diverse candidates, vet them on both abstract & concrete skills, and integrate them into a job that changes constantly as the company grows. However important, these skills are hard learned, and often through painful iteration. So when we were reveling in the close of our latest financing, I knew that the hardest part was to come: hiring the 8 people who will make EcoMap’s next growth phase possible.

Thanks to the excellent work of our Head of People Operations and the vibrant culture we’ve created among our existing team, we’re thrilled today to announce three of those new team members: our Head of Sales, John Schnelle; our Head of Customer Success, Amira Crawford; and our Head of Strategic Marketing, Joyce Arias. Each of these amazing individuals have joined EcoMap’s leadership team to drive our company through our next phase of growth (and lead the 5 additional team members we’ll be announcing in early August 🤭).

As with all valuable assets, we wanted to take a moment to share with the world the amazing backgrounds of each of these team members and the reasons why we are so excited to have them join our company

John Schnelle, our Head of Sales

Meet John Schnelle, our Head of Sales

We were originally connected with John through Kory Bailey of Upsurge and Sammy Popat at UMD. To receive such high words of praise from two of Maryland’s top ecosystem builders and hyper connectors, we figured John must be special - and we were right.

Beyond his 15 years of experience in sales at startups and technology companies, the first thing that struck me about John was how he lit up a room - even if that room was just a Zoom call. John’s energy and experience made it clear he would be a great fit for scaling EcoMap’s sales team, but what truly got our attention was his passion for ecosystems.

Currently in Boston, John is excited about moving to Baltimore with his family at a time when our entrepreneurial ecosystem is at a crucial inflection point - when each person joining Charm City’s tech community plays a key role in driving Baltimore’s growth as an Equitech hub. We already know that John’s experience, energy, and insights will be vital to EcoMap’s growth, and we know it will play a key part in Baltimore’s tech community as well.

Joyce Arias, our Head of Strategic Marketing

Meet Joyce Arias, our Head of Strategic Marketing

Going into my interview with Joyce, I knew she had extensive experience with many aspects of marketing - from a flawlessly designed resume to an impressive background spearheading marketing at companies like Whitebox and Barcoding, Inc, it was clear Joyce was well qualified to lead EcoMap’s marketing initiatives.

What I didn’t know was all of the insane entrepreneurial experience she held in her back pocket.

From starting her own marketing consultancy that worked with clients including Berkshire Hathaway & Pandora, to founding her own cosmetic line that made it into InStyle Magazine a short time after launch, to creating a her own podcast, Joyce has the entrepreneurial drive that we love in leaders at EcoMap. But beyond her penchant for entrepreneurship, Joyce is passionate about other topics close to our heart: diversity in business, the importance of storytelling, and of course, Baltimore. We could not be more excited to work with Joyce to launch EcoMap’s Marketing Division.

Amira Crawford, our Head of Customer Success

Meet Amira Crawford, our Head of Customer Success

EcoMap is blessed to have a wide range of customers, from 3-person nonprofits to Fortune 100 companies. While the applicability of the EcoMap platform to so many types of ecosystems is one of our core strengths as a business, it also makes certain roles on our team very hard - and Head of Customer Success is definitely one of those.

Thankfully, that’s where Amira comes in. Amira has over 15 years of experience in managing teams, creating processes, and designing customer success systems - notably in education & EdTech, where multiple stakeholders, complex policies, and layers of bureaucracy are the norm. It was clear from the offset that the myriad of organizations that EcoMap serves would be no problem in the face of her insights and experience.

Beyond an impressive background at companies such as Blackboard and a Masters of Science in Education from Johns Hopkins, what was most exciting to me about Amira was her direct, strategic, and no-nonsense attitude. As a young company learning as we grow, having her steady hand to scale our Customer Success division will be critical as we continue to onboard more and more customers to the EcoMap network every day.


We are so excited to welcome John, Joyce, and Amira to the EcoMap team - but our growth doesn't stop there. In a few weeks, we’ll be announcing the start of even more EcoMappers, including Product Marketers, Account Executives, and RevOps & Customer Success Associates. Stay tuned to learn about the other amazing people joining our team - and if you want to chat with any of them, you can schedule time to do so here.

Pava LaPere

Chief Ecosystem Officer