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Ecosystems are ever-changing networks of people, organizations, resources, opportunities, activity, and relationships. These ecosystems are typically invisible - at EcoMap, we turn ecosystems into interactive tools through data

We Believe

Good Products Start with Good Data

Whether you need a local business directory or a database of funding in the manufacturing industry, you need good ecosystem data.

Unfortunately, data about an ecosystem is spread across thousands of websites and sources. Our job is to find & curate that data for you.

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Our Process

Automated Ecosystem Mapping & Monitoring

We use proprietary technology to identify different "assets" within ecosystems, extract detailed information about them, centralize that information into easy-to-use tools, and continually monitor that data for updates and changes.

Your Ecosystem Gets Custom & Curated Data

Based on your type of ecosystem, the audience you serve, and your organization's goals, we'll curate detailed information about assets in your ecosystem

Existing Data is Continually Watched & Healed

All of the data that we curate is monitored for things such as broken links, new dates, and changed descriptions. If we detect any issues, our systems fetch new data for you

Your Ecosystem is Monitored for News & New Assets

When we gather data for your ecosystem, we identify information sources to monitor for both news about the ecosystem as well as new assets that may pop up

A Whole Lotta Assets

Types of Data We Curate

Ultimately, the type of data that we gather about your ecosystem is up to you, but here are some of the different types of data that we're able to curate with our technology

Research & Initiatives

Schools & Departments

Faculty & Staff

Corporate Partners

Events & Recent News

Resources & Programs

Startups & Small Businesses

Entrepreneurs & Business Owners

RFPs & Contract Opportunities

Jobs & Internships

Mentors & Advisors

Support Organizations

Frequently Asked Questions

How are EcoMap's tools priced?

The price of both the EcoMap platform and the EcoBot chatbot is based primarily on the amount of data that we curate and manage for you. For each product, there are a handful of add-on features that adjust the cost to a lesser extent

How do you curate the data?

Our data sources vary for each ecosystem, but we primarily aggregate public data from multiple sources in order to get a high-quality data set. We then specify a specific set of sources that we will use to identify updates in the ecosystem

How long does it take to launch?

For both EcoMap and EcoBot, the average implementation timeline is 8-12 weeks, which includes the time it takes to scan your ecosystem, curate data, and review it for accuracy. We also offer expedited implementation if you need the product ASAP.

What is the general price range?

Both EcoBot and EcoMap start at $5k per year base, with the largest & most fully-featured tools approaching $75k per year. From the base, you have control over the cost based on the volume of data you want us to curate & the features you add

What if I already have data?

The more the merrier! We can easily integrate existing data that you have collected for your ecosystem into your EcoMap or EcoBot. Whether or not we can algorithmically monitor for it for updates depends on where you got the data

Can EcoMap work for ____?

If you're not sure if EcoMap will work for your ecosystem or use case, get in touch with us! We've worked with a ton of unique ecosystems

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