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Frequently asked questions about EcoMap Technologies

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What is EcoMap Technologies?

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EcoMap Technologies is a company that uses AI to build resource portals (called EcoMaps) that help entrepreneurs find resources for their startups, small businesses, and nonprofits within their local community. Our proprietary algorithms ensure that EcoMaps are always robust (they contain information about nearly all available resources) and up to date (meaning you don't have to worry about broken links or terminated resources). Our mission as a company is to drive economic development by helping more people find the resources they need to build successful startups, small businesses, and nonprofits.

What is an EcoMap?

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EcoMaps are what we call the intelligent portals that are powered by our algorithms. It stands for Ecosystem Map, because EcoMaps are designed to help entrepreneurs navigate through the resources within their local entrepreneurial ecosystems. Unlike traditional resource databases, EcoMaps are powered by AI, meaning that they stay up-to-date and always contain the most robust information that we can find about local resources. Because we use automation to keep our costs low, EcoMaps are always free for entrepreneurs to access.

Is EcoMap only for Baltimore?

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Nope! Baltimore, MD is simply the home of EcoMap Technologies, and Baltimore was the first ecosystem that we "mapped out" using our technology. However, EcoMap is not just for Baltimore - we are currently working on launching EcoMaps in a variety of other entrepreneurial communities, both in the US and abroad. EcoMap Baltimore is our pilot site where we test out new features before we launch them in other communities, which is why it is featured prominently on the EcoMap home site.

Why Does EcoMap Use AI?

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Originally, EcoMap started as a project to build a resource portal for Baltimore entrepreneurs. We looked at over 200 different communities to see how they approached building resource portals, but we realized that all existing databases had three fatal flaws: they never contained information about all resources, they were always out-of-date, and they were horrible for entrepreneurs to navigate. We spoke to many leaders of entrepreneurial communities, who confirmed our suspicions: the reason that resource portals don't exist at scale is because they are too hard to build and maintain. We realized the best way to address this problem was to offload the work of gathering, analyzing, and updating information to algorithms. However, these algorithms ended up being incredibly complex, and they needed AI to work at scale. That's why we're called EcoMap Technologies!

Can I get an EcoMap for my community?

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Absolutely! We are currently building EcoMaps for a select few entrepreneurial communities in the US and abroad. Additionally, EcoMaps are not only limited to geographic areas - we can also build our databases to cater to specific industry sectors or types of entrepreneurs. If you would like an EcoMap for your community, organization, or foundation, just reach out to us!

How much do EcoMaps cost?

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The cost of an EcoMap depends on the number of resources that are being mapped out as well as the level of automation desired on the platform. Because we rely heavily on automation to build EcoMaps, our prices are substantially lower than traditional resource databases, such as SourceLink. If you're interested in learning more, just reach out - you'll be pleasantly surprised at our price range.

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