Dynamic User Surveys

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Create custom surveys to administer to users to learn more about your audience and understand their needs

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Dynamic User Surveys

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If you need to collect information about your users, community, or organizations within it, you shouldn't have to use a third-party service to collect and store that data. With EcoMap, you can build custom surveys for your users, either making them open to all users, or sending them to a select group. After a user fills out a survey, you can view their responses along with all files they have uploaded. Additionally, you can edit surveys in real time with no interruption to the user experience.

With EcoMap's unique survey feature, you can ask users:

  • Custom short-response, long-form, yes/no, date-based, and numeric questions
  • About what they have interacted with in your ecosystem
  • Multiple-choice questions with a defined set of options to choose from
  • To upload relevant files or images
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