User-Curated Lists


Create curated lists of data within the ecosystem for your own use, to share with others, or to post publicly

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User-Curated Lists

About this Feature

EcoMap's databases centralize information around data type - such as Organizations, Businesses, Resources, or Events - as well as by what Keywords are used on that data. But sometimes, you want to get more granular, and put together a list of data that crosscuts type and Keywords.

That's where EcoMap's powerful List feature comes in. With Lists, you can put together, well, lists of Organizations, Resources, Jobs, Events, People, Guides, News, and Keywords that are centered around any type of theme or topic. These lists can be private to a single person, shared with a private group of users, or made available to the public. Here's a few use cases:

  • Make a List of funding opportunities for underserved founders
  • Create a List of all businesses involved in a given event or cohort
  • Share a curated List of resources and organizations that a specific users should look at
  • Track what Organizations, Resources, or Events you have engaged with

There are infinite possibilities with Lists. If this sounds like it could help your ecosystem, set up a time to chat and learn more.

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