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Create unlimited Programs for your community - each with custom surveys, onboarding experiences, task management, and more

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Program Management

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Program Management is one of EcoMap's most powerful features yet (well, besides our data - that's hard to beat). What's a Program? It can be anything from an accelerator cohort gathering space, to a Community Navigator management hub, to a Case Management platform. And you can create an unlimited number of Programs for your users!

For each Program you create, you can specify details such as:

  • Basic information about the Program, including a Name, Description, Images, and whether or not someone is participating as an individual or an Organization
  • Whether a Program is Public or Invite-Only
  • A set of Case Managers who will work directly with Users in the program
  • A custom Onboarding Survey to be administered to every user signing up for the program
  • Optional Midpoint and Exit Surveys made available to users at the appropriate point in the program
  • The ability to automatically match participants through the data in the ecosystem (choosing from all data, or a specified list of partner organizations, for example)

Program Management is an incredibly robust feature, so if you are interested in whether or not it's a fit for your needs, schedule a time to chat with our team.

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