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Help employers and job-seekers find each other according to common interests, goals, and industry focus

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Talent Directory

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Your community is full of talented people, and full of organizations who need that talent. But there's a mismatch - it's hard for people to find the right jobs, hard for companies to find the right people, and hard for people to find the right companies. Solve that problem with the EcoMap Talent Portal, which has four components:

  • A Job Directory with all of the relevant jobs in the ecosystem
  • A Now Hiring Directory of all the organizations who are hiring
  • A Talent Directory of all of users who are looking for opportunities
  • Automated Matching of Talent to Jobs, Talent to Organizations, and Organizations to Talent

As an Admin, you decide whether and how Users and Organizations can add themselves to the Now Hiring and Talent Directories. For example, to ensure a seamless experience and full information, you might allow only those with complete profiles to appear on the platform.

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