User Engagement Support


Drive awareness and adoption of your platform within your ecosystem, even if your organization doesn't have capacity to market or promote your platform, through our best-practice User Engagement services

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User Engagement Support

About this Feature

When you invest in a platform, you want to ensure that people can find and use it. Our User Engagement Services drives awareness of your platform to both new and returning users, using engaging, targeted email and digital marketing content. Our full-service User Engagement Support allows for the continual marketing and promotion of your platform, even if you don't have the internal capacity or expertise to do so. Our services are focused on helping users find your platform, learn how to use it, and keep them coming back over time.

Our Basic User Engagement Package includes: 

  • Custom-designed social media collateral promoting your platform
  • A User-Onboarding email sequence to teach them about your platform
  • Social Media and Google-Ad campaigns to increase awareness
  • A Monthly Digest Newsletter to all Users
  • A custom "How to Use the Platform" video

Our Advanced User Engagement Package includes everything in the basic package, plus: 

  • A Custom Marketing Landing Page
  • a SMS (text) User Notification System
  • a Re-Engagement Email sequence to foster continual platform usage
  • Pre-written Ecosystem Outreach emails that you can send to core partners
  • Monthly Reports on the results of Engagement Campaigns
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