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Business & Startup Directories

View a directory of all businesses or nonprofits within your ecosystem, expertly tagged based on their products, ownership characteristics, location, and more
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What it Does

Feature Overview

Our Venture directories make it easy to explore the small businesses, startups, and/or nonprofits within your ecosystem. Users can filter ventures by the products & services they offer, their industry focus, characteristics of their owners, location, and more.

You can use the Venture Directory to:

  • Promote Local Businesses
  • Understand who is building what in your ecosystem
  • Analyze the current market layout
  • Find specific products and services offered by ecosystem organizations
See This Feature in Action

Wondering what it looks like? Here's this feature in action: 

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How It's Populated

Data Overview

Data about Ventures - which we define as any business, startup, nonprofit, or large unincorporated initiative - can be curated either by the community or by EcoMap.

Since there are thousands of ventures in every ecosystem, we will work with you to determine what type of venture and keywords that matter the most to you - whether that is local businesses and the products they carry, or growth startups and the amount of funding they have raised. This way, your Venture directory allows you and your users to explore the most applicable organizations on the characteristics that are important to your ecosystem

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