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Full Design Configuration

Change the colors, logos, and other design styles used throughout your platform to match your community or organization's brand
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What it Does

Feature Overview

Your platform should speak to your community - and that starts with design. EcoMap gives you full control over the appearance of your platform, so that it can be configured to match your organization's or community's style. You can change: 

  • The site Logo, Name, and Placeholder Images
  • The description of your Platform
  • The Images used on your Home and About pages
  • The language used on all your pages
  • The color, rounding, size, and style of all Home & About page sections

No time to customize? Not to worry - we'll ensure that your EcoMap is set up with a beautiful, on-brand design right out of the box - which you can change at any time (or not!) 

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Wondering what it looks like? Here's this feature in action: 

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