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Keywords are the glue of EcoMaps - every single tag, filter, and dropdown option is a Keyword. This unification of data using shared Keywords allows for a feature exclusive to EcoMap - the ability to view data in your ecosystem based around a specific Keyword. Keyword Homepages centralize all data assets - including Organizations, Resources, Jobs, Events, News, and even People - into a single page that users can explore.

This feature can be used in so many ways:

  • Highlight data to a specific location or region
  • Separate data based on its specific industry or sector
  • View all data based on a common demographic trait
  • Segment information according to the type of business or stage it targets
  • Call out data that is important to a specific type of audience

And so many more. All data curated by EcoMap is expertly tagged with Keywords, so you can be confident that users are seeing accurate data when they explore your Keyword Homepages. As an Admin, you can control which Keywords have homepages, and even feature specific Keywords on your Home & About pages.

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