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Your ecosystem has hundreds of Resources - so make it easy for your community to navigate them with our dynamic Resource Directories. The Resource Directory centralizes information about the programs, tools, and other assets that your community can tap into, filterable by the most important keywords to your ecosystem.

Every Resource Directory includes...

  • Continually-updated information about ecosystem resources
  • Keyword filters based on your ecosystem
  • Options to sort by date added, upcoming deadlines, and more
  • Ability to save resources to a user's profile

And more! Click below to see our Resource Directories in action.

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How It's Populated

Data Overview

Resource Data is typically curated by EcoMap and is included on all of our packages. We will find at least 250 Resources (or 1000's, depending on your needs!) that are most applicable to your ecosystem. These could be funding sources, educational programs, or meetup groups, and every entry is expertly tagged by our team with the resource type, audience focus, industry, and stage focus of the Resources so that users can find the programs that best meet their needs.

If there are Dates associated with a Resource (such as an application deadline) we will capture that information as well, and users can filter for upcoming deadlines on your platform

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