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Robust, Continually Updated Data

EcoMap will collect, tag, and keep continually updated the data about your ecosystem, so you - or your users - don't have to
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What it Does

Feature Overview

The most crucial component of ecosystem platforms is the data about the organizations, resources, people, and other activity that is in them. However, collecting, standardizing, and updating this data about your ecosystem is an incredibly time-consuming, complicated, and expensive task.

That's why EcoMap spent years developing proprietary technology that allows us to rapidly identify, structure, and update information about the assets within any ecosystem. We tag all this data with a standardized set of Keywords, allowing your users to navigate the site with ease and for you to get a detailed understanding of what is going on in your ecosystem.

EcoMap can curate detailed data about: 

  • Organizations - resource providers, service providers, businesses, and nonprofits that operate within the ecosystem
  • Resources -  the various programs, tools, and opportunities of interest to your audience
  • Events - events happening within your ecosystem or of interest to your target audience
  • Jobs - work and internship opportunities at organizations within your ecosystem or of interest to your audience
  • News - relevant updates and publications related to your ecosystem
See This Feature in Action

Wondering what it looks like? Here's this feature in action: 

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How It's Populated

Data Overview

For every asset (our name for organizations, resources, jobs, etc) that EcoMap curates, we'll collect detailed, accurate, and updated information for the following fields: 

  • Name
  • Web URL
  • Short Description
  • Keywords (from a standardized list selected alongside you) 
  • Long Description
  • Other relevant information, such as dates, restrictions, or additional details

Our Keywords cover many different aspects of the data, such as Industry, Target Audience, Asset Type, Ownership Information, Stage, and more.

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