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EcoMap offers a range of solutions that help you support entrepreneurs within your community, from online platforms to data collection

An EcoMap for Every Ecosystem

EcoMap Gold

A powerful platform to support your entrepreneurial community, for one low price

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EcoMap Custom

Build your own platform by hand-selecting the features that your community needs

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Data-Only Solutions

EcoMap specializes in collecting highly-detailed, robust data about entrepreneurial ecosystems

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Custom Projects

Have a unique tech need for your ecosystem? Ask us if we can build it (hint: we can :)

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Our Original Platform

EcoMap Gold: One Platform to Power your Community

Looking for a quick solution to support your entrepreneurs?  EcoMap Gold comes complete with all the core features you need, for one low price:

  • Auto-Updating Resource Database
  • Auto-Updating Support Organization Database
  • User Profiles with ability to Save Resources & Orgs
  • Admin Dashboard with Usage & Platform Analytics
  • Unlimited Users
  • Custom, expert-designed homepage
  • Your own branding across the platform

Plus, your EcoMap Gold comes pre-populated with 200 Resources for entrepreneurs, free of charge

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Built Just for You

EcoMap Custom: Everything You Need, Nothing You Don't

With EcoMap Custom, you get to build your perfect platform by hand-selecting the features that your community needs.

Your EcoMap comes pre-populated with information about resources within your entrepreneurial community, and is expertly-designed to match your exact brand

What is EcoMap Custom? Everything you need it to be, and more.

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Why EcoMap

Your Community Stands Out.
Your Platform Should Too.







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And more!

The EcoMap Accelerator

New Deadline:
March 20th
The EcoMap Accelerator is a 8-week program that we totally made up for the purpose of demonstrating our automatic updating
Stages  & Venture Types
Small Businesses
Social Impact
AI and Machine Learning
Data Science
Provides Funding
Demo Day
Office  Space

What We Love About Baltimore

You'll never be bored building a business in Charm City
When we say custom, we mean it

Pick Your Features

With EcoMap, you can choose from a wide variety of features for your platform.
Want to start simple and add more on later? No problem - we can do that.

Interactive Databases

Let users search or filter through databases based on their type of business, stage, industry, and more

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User Profiles

Community members can make profiles to share more about themselves, save resources, or post about their recent wins

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Social Communities

Whether you're looking to build community within business owners or ecosystem builders, give your people a place to (virtually) gather

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Event & Deadline Calendars

Give entrepreneurs an easy way to stay on top of upcoming events and deadlines with our auto-updating event calendars

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Case Management

Provide targeted support to entrepreneurs by recommending them resources, tracking their progress, and assigning tasks

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Educational Curriculums

Walk entrepreneurs through a custom multi-media curriculum, allowing them to save their progress, ask questions, and get help

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Discussion Forums

Let community members ask questions, debate topics, or find their peers with community discussion forums

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Messaging & Notifications

Alert all users of important information, send a message to a group, or leave a note for a specific user

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and 20+ more!

There are over 30 different features that you can implement on your EcoMap. Set up a time to chat with our team to explore them all

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Have a Platform?

Data-Only Solutions

EcoMap specializes in collecting highly-detailed information about Resources and Support Organizations for entrepreneurs in any ecosystem - rural or urban, domestic or international, small business or tech.

Whether you already have a platform or want to use the data for research, learn about how we can take the burden of ecosystem mapping off your hands.

Learn about our Data Solutions
2,110 Resources for Entrepreneurs
770 Support Organizations
500 Resources for Entrepreneurs
350 Support Organizations
300 Resources for Entrepreneurs
100 Support Organizations

Ready for an EcoMap of your own?