The EcoMap Platform

The first platform built to power any ecosystem, from a single organization to an entire industry

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Data Driven

Pre-Populated with Data About Your Ecosystem

EcoMap uses proprietary technology to gather, clean, tag, and update information about your ecosystem, including core organizations, resources, opportunities, activity, and relationships. All data is reviewed by our expert data team to ensure it is accurate, robust, and updated

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Curated Data

We start by deeply understanding your ecosystem and what you want your platform to do, and then we curate the most applicable data

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Automatically Tagged

All data in your EcoMap are tagged with a set of Keywords, allowing users to easily filter it, and admins to analyze the dataset with ease

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Always Updated

We monitor your ecosystem for new data that should be added, and we review all existing data for broken links, new dates, and other changes

Completely Configurable

Speaks to Your Stakeholders

Every ecosystem is unique, so the platform that represents it should be unique as well. EcoMaps are entirely white-labeled for your organization or community, and you can customize the user experience for different groups of stakeholders

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Custom Branding

Change your platform's features, photos, language, and filters at any time, with ease. Want to change the colors or fonts? Just ask.

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Custom User Types

Set up a different onboarding experience, dashboard, and feature views for different types of stakeholders in your community

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Custom Gating

Only want some people to access some parts of your platform? Set custom permissions for who can view pages, add data, and more

How Organizations Use EcoMap

Understand, Engage, & Promote Any Ecosystem

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Understand Your Ecosystem

The ever-changing nature of ecosystems make it hard to track who is doing what & what is going on. EcoMap gives you full visibility into your ecosystem with our targeted, curated data

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Engage Your Stakeholders

EcoMap's Custom User Types allow you to customize the platform experience for different types of ecosystem stakeholders, highlighting the data, pages, and features most important to them

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Promote Your Ecosystem

Whether your EcoMap is open to the public or it's for an internal network, you can showcase the amazing assets - people, resources, organizations, opportunities, activity, and more - that make your ecosystem great

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Features to Meet Ever-Changing Needs

We're ecosystem people, so we know that the needs of an ecosystem can change quickly. That's why every feature on EcoMap can be turned on or off at any time, allowing your platform to always meet the needs of your organization or stakeholders

1-1 Support Hub

1-1 Support Hub

Provide individualized support to members of your ecosystem through robust case management, task, and survey capabilities

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Dynamic User Surveys
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Program Management
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Dynamic Notification System
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User Case Files
Community Hub

Community Hub

Connect the people within your ecosystem through the Community Hub, allowing people to communicate, share updates, have discussions, post questions, and more

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Community Directory
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Discussion Forum
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Community News Feed
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Rating & Commenting
Workforce Hub

Workforce Hub

Connect employers and talent through a one-stop-shop that helps users find new opportunities, and employers find the workforce they need.

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Job Board
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Talent Directory
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Employer (Now Hiring) Directory
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Talent Matching System
How EcoMap is Different

Here's Why Organizations Choose EcoMap

We Bring The Data. They Can't.

EcoMap is the only platform on the market that can curate accurate, detailed, & updated data about any type of ecosystem - from city tech hubs, to private networks, to entire industries.

This means that you get to focus on what matters - understanding, engaging, and promoting your ecosystem. Not gathering and updating data.

We're Ecosystem Experts.

Modern ecosystems are complex networks of people, organizations, resources, opportunity, and the activity and relationships between them. Ecosystems are Everywhere.

From small business communities, to industries, to corporate networks, all ecosystems share the same challenges around information access. Our platforms are built to address the unique needs of ecosystems and the organizations that grow, engage, and understand them.

We're Always Getting Better.

This might be silly to include in a "Why We're Better" section, but we mean it. EcoMap was the first platform built to power ecosystems, and our customers love it, but we know we can always do better.

This means that we never stop innovating - from improving the appearance of our platforms, to creating more powerful data curation technology, to developing advanced features, our 30+ person team never stops working to bring our customers the best-in-class ecosystem platform.