How Information Access Empowers

Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

Strong entrepreneurial ecosystems are the foundation of our economy - but building a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem requires intentional effort to make it accessible, data-driven, and easy to access

The Goal

Traits of a Strong Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

Information is Accessible

Information about the resources, support organizations, activity, and opportunities throughout your ecosystem must be easily accessible

Decisions are Data-Driven

From determining which new programs to launch to the curriculum for early-stage entrepreneurs, decisions about the ecosystem should be insight-informed

It's Easy to Get Involved

There needs to be clear entry points for people to get involved with - or more deeply connected to - regardless of their background or networks

Information is Accessible

Accessible Entrepreneurial Ecosystems Require Accessible Information

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are an ever-changing networks of entrepreneurs, mentors, support organizations, businesses, resources, and other opportunities & activity. Unless information about these assets is easy-to-access, it's impossible to navigate, showcase, or grow the ecosystem effectively


Mentors & Advisors

Startups & Small Businesses

Support Organizations

Resources & Programs

Jobs & Internships

EcoMap pre-populates detailed data about all of the assets in your ecosystem, so you can turn this invisible network into an interactive source of information

Decisions are Data-Driven

To Make Good Ecosystem Decisions, You Need Good Ecosystem Data

It's impossible to build an ecosystem if you don't know what is there to begin with. To make informed decisions about ecosystem building and development, you should start with solid data about your ecosystem and the assets within it

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Map Your Ecosystem to Know What Exists

To understand what your ecosystem has to offer, it helps to do a comprehensive "map" of all the assets that exist in your community. If you don't have the capacity, we can handle this for you

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Monitor What People are Looking For

Monitor what entrepreneurs in the ecosystem are searching for, such as "funding" or "technical assistance" to inform the development of new programs and opportunities

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Mobilize the Ecosystem to Fill Resource Gaps

To identify gaps in your ecosystem, you need to understand the existing assets your community has, which organizations are doing what, and who can be mobilized to ideate, launch, and support new resources

It's Easy to Get Involved

Create Easy-to-Engage Entry Points for People from All Backgrounds

One of the biggest barriers to creating an equitable and effective ecosystem is creating "entry points" for people to start and deepen their involvement with your ecosystem. Making it as easy as possible to get plugged into the ecosystem is critical to building a strong network:

Here are some important entry points you can create:

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Centralized Website or Platform
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Custom Ecosystem Chatbot Assistant
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Recurring Events &  Meetups
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Real-Life Ecosystem Navigators
Solutions for Ecosystems

Technology to Power your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

To build a strong entrepreneurial ecosystem, you need to ensure that entrepreneurs, support organizations, mentors, and other ecosystem stakeholders have access to the information they need. That's where EcoMap comes in.