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Use Cases

A Platform To Power

Any Ecosystem
Small Business Communities
Startup & Tech Hubs
Industry Associations
Corporate Networks
Small Business Communities
Startup & Tech Hubs
Industry Associations
Corporate Networks

The EcoMap is the first platform built to power any type of ecosystem by centralizing information about the organizations, resources, people, and activity within the ecosystem into an easy-to-navigate hub for your team, customers, or stakeholders

Power Your Tech Hub

Tech & Startup Communities

What's the best way to support local tech companies and attract new ones to your region? By showcasing all of the assets that make your city, state, or region a fantastic place to build a business. EcoMap will track down all the resources and organizations to support scale companies and centralize them into an easy to navigate hub that you can use to promote and attract tech companies at scale

BMore Tech Connect
Promote & Support Local Businesses

Local Business Communities

Now more than ever it's important that people can easily find local businesses to support and promote, and that those local businesses can easily find the resources they need to launch and grow. EcoMap's business directories make it easy for your community to shop local, and our Resource Directories ensure that all businesses can find the programs they need to thrive.

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Know Who's Doing What

Industry & Market Mapping

Do you need to know who is doing what in your industry? Are you trying to understand who is operating in your market? Use EcoMap to get a comprehensive understanding of who is doing what within an industry or sector. Whether your focused locally or worldwide, our platforms can help you answer "Who is doing what?" and "What is going on?" in your industry with ease

XR EcoMap
Understand Your Partner Network

Corporate & Partner Networks

How can you best leverage your organization's network? Do you know which partners you have connected with, or who you should be talking to? Use EcoMap to easily understand, track, and navigate your organization's partner ecosystem. Whether you're trying to form strategic partnerships or make it easier for new hires to understand your organization's network, let EcoMap do the heavy lifting.

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Help People Find Resources

Resource & Support Networks

Do you have to help people connect with resources at scale? The process of manually matching stakeholders to resources is time consuming, complicated, and hard to track - unless you have EcoMap. Seamlessly help stakeholders find the resources they need, automatically match them with programs that fit based on a few questions, or track the resources your organization recommends in one centralized hub

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Support and Promote the Arts

Arts & Culture Communities

Artists, creatives, and makers are often tasked not only with creating their products, but also finding the resources to make them a reality. Lessen the burden on your artists by using EcoMap to centralize information about all the resources they can tap into, and make it easy for your community to find and support local artists

The Artist Navigator
What Do You Need?

Custom Ecosystems

EcoMaps can be used for any type of ecosystem, so get in touch with us to see how EcoMap can help build your ecosystem. Here are some of our favorite requests to date: Florida's Space Exploration Ecosystem, the Spoken Word Poetry Ecosystem, and Birmingham's Knitting Ecosystem. Seriously - EcoMap can power all of those.

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Denis Pakhaliuk (CEO of Ramotion)
“Templates by these guys perfectly match our needs and internal workflow. I think Webflow is the future of website design and front-end, and Elastic Themes helps to shape that future today by creating some great templates.”
Brian DeSimone
“Elastic Themes makes the most useable and visually sexy templates I have seen in the Webflow store. They are like delicious pieces of candy.  Also, their service is as responsive as their websites. On point!”
Tyler Hughey
“Templates by these guys are designed beautifully, have amazing interactions and ready to go without needing any edits. A real time saver! I haven't bought a template from another designer since I got my first template by Elastic Themes!”