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EcoMap helps entrepreneurs find the resources they need to build successful startups, small businesses, and nonprofits in their local community
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What's Special About EcoMap?

EcoMap is the gold standard for connecting entrepreneurial communities online. Here's why:
Always Complete, Always Updated

We use AI to gather and update information about resources, meaning you don't have to worry about populating or updating your EcoMap

Built To Build Community

Users can make profiles, get custom resource recommendations, start discussions, post comments, track progress, and more

Unbelievably Affordable

Most online ecosystem portals cost over $100,000. You can get an EcoMap for your community for a fraction of that price

Don't Take Our Word For It

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Highlight Local Resources
Built to Connect Ecosystems

The Homepage of your Innovation Community

Highlight Local Resources

Your community has tons of resources and organizations that support entrepreneurs - so show them off! EcoMap helps show off the wonderful assets that you have right at home

Create Stronger Relationships

Users can share information about themselves and their startups, small businesses, and nonprofits, creating a living online community for your entrepreneurial ecosystem

Spark Better Conversations

Users can leave comments on Resources and Organizations, have discussions on specific topics, and learn about the basics of building a venture in their local community

Showcase Your Ecosystem

No more websites with incomplete information, outdated programs, and broken links. An EcoMap is the best way to showcase all your community has to offer
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Our Mission: Support Entrepreneurs

EcoMap Technologies is focused on making entrepreneurship more accessible to founders from all backgrounds, in the hopes of fostering ground-up economic and community growth. Here are our guiding principles:

Free for Entrepreneurs

EcoMap platforms are free for entrepreneurs to use, allowing founders from all backgrounds to access the information they need to launch and grow successful ventures in their local communities

Affordable for Communities

Advanced automation lets us create EcoMaps for local communities at a fraction of the cost of competitors, allowing any community or organization to use our platform to ignite their innovation ecosystem

Supports Local Ecosystems

We believe that entrepreneurship can drive economic growth, strengthen communities, and solve the greatest challenges of our time. We want to empower people to build great ventures wherever they are
Totally Customizable for Your Ecosystem

Everything Your Community Needs

What Does EcoMap Mean?

EcoMap stands for Ecosystem Map, because it helps entrepreneurs navigate their local entrepreneurial ecosystems
EcoMaps are built from the ground up with the goals of supporting entrepreneurs, uniting communities, and building stronger innovation ecosystems
Accelerate Local Innovation

Get EcoMap for Your Community

Whether you're a Commerce department, economic development organization, or individual passionate about supporting entrepreneurs, we can help you bring EcoMap to your local community