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What we do

EcoMap Helps Entrepreneurs Navigate Your Innovation Ecosystem

We leverage artificial intelligence to create robust, always up-to-date databases of all resources and ventures within entrepreneurial communities

EcoMap uses AI to create curated, continually updated databases of resources for entrepreneurs within communities, including everything from funding programs, to tech publications, to fellowship programs, and more

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EcoMap combines state of the art technology with ecosystem experts to uncover insights into the performance and characteristics of specific resources, geographic areas, industry sectors, or entire innovation communities

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EcoMap's proprietary algorithms can gather and analyze exponentially more data than can be done manually. Our API can feed these data into any existing website or tool, supercharging your product

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How we do it

We Use Technology to Understand Business

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are complicated, but we make them simple
The what

What is an entrepreneurial ecosystem?

Entrepreneurial ecosystems are the networks that create commercial and community activity by supporting new venture growth and creation. They are what power small business, startup, and nonprofit activity in communities.  

The why

Why are they so hard to understand?

The short answer? Because they are big. Even in a small city, there are thousands of ventures and hundreds of resources, and an exponentially large number of possible relationships between them.

The how

What is special about EcoMap?

You can't properly track, manage, or understand data about entrepreneurial ecosystems at scale if you are doing it manually. At EcoMap, we've coupled advanced AI with (super)human ecosystem experts to build awesome products, answer big questions, and uncover new insights


EcoMap Technologies uses the data we gather to build everything from branded resource portals to return on investment reports

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Resource Portals

Curated lists of resources for entrepreneurs, white-labeled for your cohort, client, or community

Venture Databases

Lists of all startups, small businesses, and nonprofits in your area, including what they do, who they work with, and their impact

Analytics & Reports

Reports on the efficacy, return on investment, accessibility, or demographic equity of anything from specific resources to entire ecosystems


Our API can supply resource, venture, and analytic information to any product or website, letting you use our data to power your product