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EcoMap uses AI to create portals that help entrepreneurs find the resources they need to build ventures within their local communities
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What's an EcoMap?

It's a portal that helps entrepreneurs find the resources they need to build successful ventures in their local communities

But it's not your average resource database.

We're Complete

EcoMaps are automatically populated with information about your local resources, which means no more relying on other people to enter their information

We're Up to Date

Hate broken links? Outdated programs? Us too. That's why EcoMaps keep themselves updated with the most current information on local resources

We're Robust

There are hundreds of resources to support entrepreneurs within any given community We track them down, so you don't have to worry about it

We're Cheap

Because we use advanced automation to power our platforms, EcoMap are more affordable than any other resource portal on the market




Your Entrepreneurial Ecosystem

By helping entrepreneurs find the resources they need

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Who Are EcoMaps For?






You name it.

If it's an entrepreneurial ecosystem,

EcoMap can map it out.

Want to See EcoMap in Action?

Check out the Baltimore EcoMap:
Go to EcoMap Baltimore

What's Special About EcoMap?

EcoMap uses proprietary algorithms to gather, analyze, and update information about the resources within a given entrepreneurial community. Here's why that matters:
EcoMaps Contain All Resources

Our process of gathering information about local resources ensures that we cover 90%+ of all available resources

EcoMaps are Always Up To Date

Our technology ensures that all resources are updated automatically, meaning no more outdated information, broken links, or missed deadlines

EcoMaps Help Entrepreneurs

Our platform is built to help all entrepreneurs find the best resources for their startups, small businesses, and nonprofits

Our Purpose


EcoMap is a social venture using advanced technology to do a simple thing: support entrepreneurs.
Goal One

To Reduce the Demographic Gaps in Entrepreneurship

The ability to become an entrepreneur is still unequally distributed by race, class, and gender in nearly every country. EcoMap aims to address this by democratizing access to the knowledge and resources needed to build successful companies. This is why our resource portals are always free for entrepreneurs.

Goal Two

To Support Entrepreneurs, no Matter Where They Are or What They Are Building

At EcoMap, we love entrepreneurs. Seriously, we designed insane algorithms just to help entrepreneurs find resources. EcoMap will always be focused on supporting the startups, small businesses, and nonprofits that create economic and social prosperity in our communities, no matter where they may be located.

Goal Three

To Build More Equitable and Accessible Entrepreneurial Ecosystems

It is hard to be intentional about building an entrepreneurial ecosystem when you can't understand it. That is why EcoMap is focused on using our technology to analyze how communities can build ecosystems that are more inclusive to founders of all backgrounds.