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Organization Directory

Explore all kinds of organizations in your ecosystem in one place. Filter by Keywords that indicate organization type, industry focus, resources provided, organization function, and more

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Organization Directory

About this Feature

Organizations are the keystone of most ecosystems - they encompass the Resource Providers, Service Providers, and Ventures (supportive nonprofits, businesses, and startups) that make up the backbone of your community or industry. Let your users easily navigate all ecosystem Organizations in one place, filtering by industry, business stage, products & services provided, ownership characteristics, and more.

If you choose, you can also enable separate directories for the core Organization Types: Resource Providers, who provide programs, tools, and other opportunities to support individuals, companies, or the broader ecosystem; Service Providers, who offer paid professional and business services, such as accounting or marketing; and Ventures, the small businesses, startups, nonprofits that are being built within your ecosystem