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Ensure your launch is a success with our powerful Platform Marketing, which drives traffic to your platform before, during, and after launch

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Platform Marketing Support

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The best way to ensure great usage of your platform is to have a strong launch, but that can be hard if your organization doesn't have the capacity for large marketing campaigns.That's why EcoMap offers full-service Launch Marketing Support, where we handle every aspect of the marketing campaigns needed for a successful launch. From the creation of digital collateral, to hosting launch events, to providing platform training to members of your ecosystem, we help ensure your platform is known and adopted by your entire ecosystem.

Our Tier 1 Launch Marketing Support includes: 

  • A Pre-Launch Custom landing page, to build SEO and collect interested emails
  • A Pre-Launch drip campaign to partners and pre-existing email lists
  • Customized digital launch collateral
  • Launch-Day emails to all pre-existing user lists
  • Launch-Day emails to organizations in your ecosystem
  • a Custom Launch Video and Partner Training video.

Our Tier 2 Launch Marketing Support includes everything in Tier 1, plus: 

  • Google and Social Media ads designed, run, and hosted by EcoMap
  • Two Live virtual training sessions with ecosystem partners
  • a Live virtual launch event

Our Tier 3 Launch Marketing Support includes everything in Tier 1 and Tier 2, plus: 

  • An In-Person Launch event for up to 100 people
  • A custom Case Study and Platform Impact Report about your EcoMap
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